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Alphabet coloring book for kids

Alphabet coloring book for kids Amazing Alphabet Coloring Book for Kids ages 4-8 | The little ABC Coloring Book and Letter Tracing | Fun pages Activity Book teaching you the ABC GREEN, Serge

Say Hello to our Alphabet coloring book for girls and boys!!!!!
Beautiful coloring book for kids!! You and your child will enjoy this book with fun and adorable letters and animals to coloring. It`s adorable coloring book. Is easy color design. This book is sure to delight your little ones this times. It is most suitable for kids age between 4-8 years, but also suits any child who loves coloring and knowing the basics in a much more fun and exciting way! This book creates a wide range of coloring books that help your kid relax. Start creating precious memories with your special child.

Our Alphabet coloring book for kids features:

-109 pages
-coloring and tracing letters.
- one single image per page to avoid bleeding.
-design range from simple to complex for every skill level.
-large images 8.5x11 in.
-high resolution printing.
-no repeats design.
-suitable for markers,water colors,gel pens,coloring pencils.

Our Alphabet coloring book is one of the frequently gifted book. If your little one love coloring and tracing this is the perfect gift. A variety of animals , every day to help kids practice recognition.The little hands will gonna be very excited about this adorable coloring book.
Order your copy today!!!

Levertijd: 5 tot 10 werkdagen.

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Serge Green
110 pp.

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