Disaster HUBBARD, La Fayette Ron

Who is the true master of disaster? Earthlings: prepare for the shock of your lives! Global warming reversed. The energy crisis over. The greatest problem on Earth solved. Voltarian Royal Officer of the Fleet, Jettero Heller, has it all figured out. And hes devised a daring and ingenious plan to make it all happen if he lives to see the day. Saving the world is never easy, and for Heller, it turns out to be a trickyand riskybusiness. Hell have to blast a gang of space pirates in a lethal laser firefight. Hell have to find a way to capture and control a black hole. Hell have to undertake a perilous journey to Saturn and back and transport a titanic chunk of ice across the solar system. Then comes the hard part because Heller is headed back to Voltar, where hes about to uncover the identity of the powerful figure behind the conspiracy to end all conspiracies. Hes facing his deadliest nemesis yet, and before the intergalactic battle is over, the entire mission could end in DISASTER.

Levertijd: 4 tot 10 werkdagen.


New Era Publications UK Ltd
340 pp.
Strips en graphic novels

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