The enemy within

The enemy within HUBBARD, La Fayette Ron

Do you know who your enemies are? Your neighbor? Your boss? Your butcher? Your wife? Only the Voltarians know for sure. Theyve infiltrated our worldand theyre prepping it for a power play unlike any youve ever seen. Even Jettero Heller, a leading Voltarian, doesnt know whom he can trust. Beset by double crossing body doubles and backstabbing identity shifters, he discovers that the most dangerous battle of all is about to begin... against a most surprising enemy. In this web of espionage, intrigue and betrayal, even Voltarian Royal Combat Engineer Jettero Heller doesnt know who he can trust. Hes hard at work creating a gasoline substitute to fuel his 68 Caddy in a Long Island automobile racea development that could have dramatic consequences for the entire human race. As such, he poses a grave threat to the powers that be. Now, his treacherous fellow Voltarian, Soltan Gris, has formed a secret alliance with a cabal that includes a dirty DC politician, a ruthless billionaire industrialist and a mysterious media madman. Their mission: terminate Jettero Heller. Beset by double-crossing body doubles and backstabbing identity shifters, Heller discovers that the most dangerous battle of all is about to begin against THE ENEMY WITHIN.

Levertijd: 4 tot 10 werkdagen.


New Era Publications UK Ltd
400 pp.

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