ABC of Poultry Raising

ABC of Poultry Raising J.H. Florea

Do you know that an average flock of 15 hens and 50 baby chicks will produce over 150 pounds of meat and over 3,500 eggs in a year? Chickens provide more profit--in food and dollars--for the work and investment required than any other animal. But they also require a sound knowledge of how to raise them properly, and this book is probably the finest guide available for successfully raising a small flock of chickens. For the person who wants to raise chickens in the backyard, garage, or basement, and for the established farmer who needs help in making his poultry raising profitable, this book explains exactly what to do and how to do it.
Using many photographs, diagrams, and charts in addition to simple, non-technical instructions, the author explains every detail of chicken raising: how to get started, equipment needed, brooding, and rearing chicks, managing the laying flock, controlling diseases and parasites, breeding for improvement, preparation of poultry and eggs for use, and expanding the size of your poultry raising operations. The author takes different geographical areas and different sizes of flocks into considerations in his instructions, and he also includes plans for several sizes of chicken houses, each with a precise list of materials needed.
J. H. Florea, former managing editor of the Poultry Tribune and one of America's foremost poultry experts, has thoroughly revised and updated the text for this new Dover edition: he provides you with dependable sources of information on the newest innovations in poultry raising (including an updated list of agricultural colleges and experiment stations); and has added a chapter on "The Hobby Side of Poultry Raising" in which he discusses the history of poultry raising, poultry shows, etc. If you are interested in raising poultry, whether for food, show, or profit, you will find this book to be a resourceful and helpful guide.


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Dover Publications Inc.
176 pp.

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