Incredible War Of 1812

Incredible War Of 1812 A Military History J. Mackay Hitsman

J. Mackay Hitsman's account of the War of 1812, first published in 1965, is exciting and authoritative, and is regarded by many experts as the best one-volume history of that conflict from the British/Canadian perspective. It is an engrossing account of the causes of the war and of the campaigns and battles that raged on land and water, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico. Hitsman describes the life and role of the soldiers -- both the regulars and the militia -- and the difficulties of waging war in trackless territory, where rivers and lakes were the main means of transport. His examination of the strengths and weaknesses of the leaders on both sides helps us to understand the events as they unfold, and he dispels some of the myths that have pervaded earlier accounts. This new edition, edited by well known War of 1812 scholar Donald E. Graves, contains the entire text of the original and much new material: -- Foreword by Sir Christopher Prevost (descendant of the wartime British commander-in-chief)-- Introductory essay by Donald E. Graves-- More than 50 illustrations of leaders, uniforms, weapons, warships, medals and battle scenes-- 20 maps of campaigns and battles-- Appendices listing British and Canadian military units and their modern successors; the First Nations that fought on both sides; the warships of the opposing navies; and the medals and awards of the war-- A comprehensive bibliography with more than 1,000 entries

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428 pp.

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