Weld Like a Pro

Weld Like a Pro Beginning to Advanced Techniques Jerry Uttrachi

Welding is an essential skill for the classic car restorer and enthusiast fabricator because almost all high-performance and collector cars need welding repair or restoration work. Welding automotive components, body parts, and other pieces requires specific equipment and specialized skills. With this book, you can make the transition from welding simple joints to welding J-, U-, and other complex joints. In addition, you will be able to weld aluminum, chrome-moly, stainless steel, carbon steel, titanium, and magnesium.

American Welding Society past president and welding expert author Jerry Uttrachi reveals all major welding processes and techniques, so you can weld to repair and fabricate with advanced materials. TIG, MIG, oxyacetylene, and stick welding techniques are illustrated for a wide range of automotive applications, so you can complete advanced chassis, body, and engine welding projects. MIG is by far the most popular welding process, and as such, MIG welding techniques, including spray arc, short arc, and pulsed arc, are shown and discussed in great detail. Using the techniques revealed in this book, you will be able to fabricate many body, structural, and functional automotive components. Automotive-related welding projects include constructing and installing a roll cage, welding subframe connectors onto a chassis, repairing an aluminum frame, welding in a floorpan, and many others. Additional projects include adding features to an exercise machine, building an automatic gate closure, and mending a metal weather vane.

Regardless of your skill level, this book will help you improve your abilities and complete more advanced projects.


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