The Ninth Wave

The Ninth Wave JONES, Russell Celyn

Drawing from two medieval Welsh manuscripts with roots dating back many centuries earlier, this series of 11 stories sheds light on Celtic mythology and Arthurian romance while providing a new perspective on Great Britain itself. From enchantment and shapeshifting to the age-old dichotomies of conflict versus peacemaking and love versus betrayal, all of these tales are uniquely reinvented, creating fresh, contemporary narratives that portray the real world as much as they depict the past. Recast from the medieval tale of Pwyll, Lord of Dyfed, a young Welsh king who dreams of escaping the burdens of his throne, this fantasy is set in a postoil economy of the near future. This time Pwyll becomes the rebellious son of a wealthy family who sinks into the same murder and mayhem as his prototype. Embracing the simple pleasures and shorter work week available in this petroleum-free environment, Pwyl surfs whenever he wants and rides to his office on horseback down what was once a freeway. However, human nature has not changed, and what was called magic in the old story becomes clinical depression in this onePwyll spirals into chaos as he murders his future wife's fiance, loses his only son, and switches beds with the king of the underworld.

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Poetry Wales Press
160 pp.
Engelstalige literatuur

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