Awesome Mysteries Beyond Heaven's Gate

Awesome Mysteries Beyond Heaven's Gate KEELING, Tara

The Word of God is laced with profound mysteries peppered with power to saturate your soul with salvation. The Holy Spirit has made known to me many of these mysteries, and God has compelled me to convey this knowledge with you liberally. "Awesome Mysteries beyond Heaven's Gate" offers a greater insight into God's Holy word through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit; thereby, giving the elect of God ultimate peace in their struggles, while maintaining an intimate relationship with Christ Jesus. God has equipped this powerful manifestation of the word with manifold blessings. This in depth study of the promises of God will employ direction into every area of the believer's life as well as impart salvation into the lives of those who are lost, and hopelessly on their way to hell. Through the readings of this word, God will endow you with strength to overcome the temptation of the devil, and increase your faith to endure the test of life's journey. You will learn how to conquer each battle encountered, and count each victory won as you endeavor to run this Christian race.

Levertijd: 4 tot 10 werkdagen.


304 pp.

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