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Garment 2021, put together in unprecedented and uncertain times, is about an item that has been hanging in the back of our closets: The Party Dress. A piece of clothing we define as any garment that is open in between the legs and covers the top and bottom parts of our bodies. However, in our minds: As long as you can dance in it, it’s considered a Party Dress. It’s about narratives, associations, possibilities and about what we can achieve when we are open to change. The subject of this garment raised a lot of questions within our team. Questions like: can a Party Dress get rid of the sexual connotation that is connected to it or the ‘only meant for women’ label? The Party Dress is a controversial piece of clothing for women. We see this as an opportunity to unlock doors towards topics that are related to this garment. Topics such as intersectional feminism, gender, diversity and inclusivity. When we think of feminism, we think of fighting for women’s rights. We can’t only fight for one kind of women, we fight for all. That is what intersectional feminism is about. The traditional definition of feminism just won’t cut it anymore. We can change the narrative by talking about it. To us, intersectional is the only place that exists.

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