King Kong #13

King Kong #13

Let’s play a sex game. Life is a game and sex is life! Bigger, better, harder, longer, boobalicious and delicious, art and artifice blown up to the max. Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley is an artist working predominantly across digital media to communicate the experiences of being a Black Trans person. Their practice is an embodied entanglement drifting in and out of game spaces, both physical and digital. Recording the lives of Black Trans people and imaginatively retelling trans stories. Danielle’s work can be seen as a praxis of archiving otherwise – archiving in abundance; where the materiality of the worlds Danielle creates are built with and from the people being archived. There is a beautifully powerful force in the gamification of Danielle’s work that blurs the line between virtual and physical space, forcing us to move at a different temporal rhythm and actively engage with every decision we make in the spaces we knowingly or unknowingly occupy.

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