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My Dialysis Journey

My Dialysis Journey NOVAK, Gina

Personal and professional firsthand experiences of life on hemodialysis are depicted in this weekly devotional. The reader is provided with helpful and informative education as they journey through the many challenges associated with chronic kidney disease. It serves as an insightful companion to a life on hemodialysis. It brings a spirit of healing through scripture, prayer, and journaling.

A must-read for every dialysis patient! It covers everything. Reading this book can make life easier and the hemodialysis experience much more successful for patients.
-Ronald Farmer
Fresenius Kidney Care, In-center Dialysis patient

Rich in information and insight and complemented with encouragement and inspiration. A wonderful companion for any hemodialysis patient or their loved ones.
-Dorene Holcombe, CRNP
Department of Nephrology-Johns Hopkins University

This book embodies compassion and empowerment for the dialysis patient. Going through the journey of dialysis can be scary and trying at times, but this book illustrates that you are not alone. The organization of this book allows you to hear other patient experiences, reflect through journal entries, get accurate information, and rely on your faith to help you through the process of dialysis. Whether you are Christian or not, this book will be an asset to helping you understand the experience you have faced or will be facing in the future.
-Daphne H. Knicely, MD, MEHP, FASN
Assistant Professor of Medicine-Johns Hopkins University

Levertijd: 4 tot 10 werkdagen.

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Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
258 pp.

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