Uneasy Street

Uneasy Street The Anxieties of Affluence Rachel Sherman

"At a time of growing class inequality, how do the wealthy grapple with their privileged economic position? In Uneasy Street, Sherman offers a remarkable look inside the world of affluence and shows how the liberal elite struggles to attain moral worthiness. This book skillfully advances our understanding of social class and makes an important contribution to the sociology of money."--Viviana A. Zelizer, author of Economic Lives

"Sherman transcends the cartoon caricatures of the wealthy to provide a profound and nuanced picture of the lived experience of affluent New Yorkers. Uneasy Street is an original and insightful look at the complex ambivalence that many wealthy people feel in a time of extreme inequality and the narratives they sometimes tell themselves to rationalize, justify, or ignore their wealth and advantage."--Chuck Collins, author of Born on Third Base

"Uneasy Street looks at how rich people talk about the choices they make about money, and how that talk constructs a moral universe in which they can claim legitimacy for their advantages. This book is full of astute observations and sensitive interpretations, and its argument is new and profoundly important."--Allison J. Pugh, University of Virginia

"This exceptionally interesting book examines how one group of wealthy people understands and experiences its extraordinary privilege. Sherman's analysis of elites is long overdue, especially as the popular discourse on inequality has exploded. Beautifully written, Uneasy Street is an exceptional piece of work."--Juliet Schor, author of True Wealth


Levertijd: 4 tot 10 werkdagen.


Princeton University Press
Nederlandstalige literatuur

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