Elements of molecular spectroscopy

Elements of molecular spectroscopy SINDHU, Pradeep S.

A first course on molecular spectroscopy requires change of the perception that molecular energy levels are continuous but quantized energy levels; transition between which gives rise to a spectra. The difficult path to introduce spectroscopy through quantum mechanics has not been adopted. Spectroscopy is made easier and attractive by adopting a non mathematical pictorial path making spectroscopy easy and attractive. This approach involving visual images at the molecular level will in every reader. Further, to keep the reader involved, every chapter has quite a large number of solved problems. This adds a little volume to the book but then hammers the molecular spectroscopy into the readers mind which is essential for making a good book. Application of molecular spectroscopy in determining molecular structure and study the intermolecular interactions have also been discussed.Chapter 12 has been prepared from latest research work where molecular spectroscopy has been used as a tool to the research problems. This will give idea as to how wide and divergent spectroscopy has its applications. Whenever spectroscopy has to be used as a tool, the user is invariably not confident with its basics and thus lack confidence in its desired applications. This book will make the reader understand spectroscopy easily and thus fill the gap. Last of all spectroscopy, with the adopted approach, will develop reasoning ability to the maximum. Such an approach will give a clear understanding of the subject and provide knowledge to excel at any level?university examination, competitive examinations and before interview boards.Contents ?Quantization of Energy ?Introduction to Molecular Spectroscopy ?Particle in a Box ?Rotational Spectra ?Vibrational Spectra ?Group Frequency Concept ?Electronic Spectra ?Electronic Transitions in Organic Molecules ?Transition Metal Complexes and their Electronic Structure ?Proton Magnetic Resonance ?Electron Paramagnetic Spin Resonance ?Some Applications of Molecular Spectroscopy

Levertijd: 4 tot 10 werkdagen.


New Academic Science Ltd
232 pp.

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