Who We Are and Why We Might Like to Be Someone Else

Who We Are and Why We Might Like to Be Someone Else Catzilla at the Crossroads SMITH, Sophya

Four years ago I came across a passage about how when the Kali Yuga (the apocalypse to most of you) hits, saying the Name of God is the only thing that will get us through the coming difficulties. Most of us are becoming increasingly nervous because the handwriting is on the wall: the systems that weve superimposed on top of our world (financial and resource mismanagement to name two) are coming apart at the seams. Life as we know it could (and already has for some of us) become seriously unraveled. It behooves us to put a measure in place that will help us redefine hard times and transform them into something valuable. So, make hay while the sun shines. Its time to leave off dancing and fiddling and turn our attention to building something inside of us that will remain after the dust settles should the wolf blow down our house. Given the urgency of this moment in time, I hope this shortcut through the woods (the repetition of The Name of God) is useful. It cuts to the chase, its where the rubber meets the road, and its more than capable of making good on its promise to help us get a life. Im beginning to see the time that we spend here on earth as a rare and precious opportunity to accomplish something that cant be accomplished once we leave. The kicker is that we spend most of our lives enveloped in an underlying and mostly unconscious current of dissatisfaction (life sucks and then Im gonna die). Its not until we leave that we realize that we neglected to make use of the gift we were given. Unbeknownst to us (as reported in Ode Magazine) theres a group of people that have been running around the world for years staging prayer interventions in our major cities; they just stand around on street corners saying Gods Name everywhere from Tokyo to Marseilles. In

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Hohm Press,U.S.
244 pp.

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