Classroom Discipline Problem Solver

Classroom Discipline Problem Solver Watson

This practical resource gives teachers at all levels hundreds of tested techniques and guidelines for maintaining control and order in the classroom. ? These have been developed and refined in the crucible of the modern classroom by teachers just like yourself and are ready to help you solve problems and create the disciplined environment that students and teachers need for effective learning. For easy use, all materials are printed in a special binding that folds flat for photocopying of the many forms, fact sheets and awards included, and are organized into five sections: I. TECHNIQUES & GUIDELINES FOR DEALING WITH 50 SCHOOL DISCIPLINE PROBLEMS provides over 150 specific ways to solve the various classroom management and control problems all teachers face, such as back-talking, student disputes, bullying, sexual harassment, theft, tardiness and truancy, incomplete homework, cheating, inattention, and vandalism. ? A few examples are The Swearing Stopper ...Five Ways to Quiet the Class Quickly ...The Behavior Control Ticket ...Hallway and Washroom Problem Solvers ...18 Ways to Prevent Theft in School ...and What to Do When You Are Physically Attacked by a Student. II. PROBLEM-SOLVING MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES THAT KEEP STUDENTS ON TASK features over 40 techniques to assure a smooth-running classroom where discipline problems are at a minimum. ? Examples include The Class Parts Manager, a way to minimize the problem of students who come to class unprepared ...The Job Jar, a quick, constructive time-filler for students who finish work early ...and The Instant Newspaper Assignment, a technique to keep students working on task with high-interest, motivating topics. III. ? POSITIVE FEELINGS & CREATIVE IDEAS gives you nearly 65 ways to use positive feedback as a means of regulating? behavior, including techniques such as Round 2-U, a way to deal with students who are continually late handing in assignments ...Earned Five-Minute Free-Time Cards ...and Positive Speak, an uplifting, affirmative approach that can have a tremendous effect on a student's academic performance. IV. CONCEPTS THAT PROTECT & TECHNIQUES THAT HELP offers scores of solid ideas that protect teachers, as well as students, in the ongoing classroom. ? The Sitting Teddy, for example, is a great idea for younger children who are afraid to ask to go to the restroom. ? 50 Strategies and Survival Guidelines for the First-Year Teacher is packed with sage advice for the beginner. ? Up-Front Assignment Chart facilitates student ownership of assignments. ? And Portfolios or Document Folders helps students keep their work organized. V. SPEAK EASY -- THE COMMUNICATION SECTION presents dozens of techniques and materials to facilitate communication with students as well as parents, colleagues and administrators, including 50 Communication Tips for Teachers ...Teacher-to-Parent Communication Form ...The Report Card Memo ...Two Daily Notice or Bulletin Systems for Quick Communication ...The Comprehensive Contract ...and many more. In the author's words,?"CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE PROBLEM SOLVER is a 100 percent benefit for teachers. ?Ideas in this resource help to create the disciplined environment we all need. The techniques, strategies, and concepts were chosen because they were very practical. They are easy to use and are low cost. Some have great detail, others are simple, but they all have one thing in common -- they work!"

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Pearson Education (US)
288 pp.
Nederlandstalige literatuur

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