The Templar Meridians

The Templar Meridians The Secret Mapping of the New World William F. Mann

TEMPLARS / ANCIENT MYSTERIES "William Mann, linked through descent and family history to the events he describes in this book, has opened up a new dimension to our understanding of the powerful economic, political, and personal forces that have shaped North American history." --Niven Sinclair, author of Beyond Any Shadow of Doubt "Historians would have us believe we know all there is to know about our history. The provocative interpretations and astounding conclusions presented here show a much greater mystery at work." --Steven Sora, author of Lost Colonies of the Templars The most enduring mystery surrounding the Knights Templar concerns the nature and final resting place of their great treasure. Whereas many believe this lost treasure contains knowledge of the Holy Bloodline--including the whereabouts of its descendants--William F. Mann shows that it may in part consist of an ancient science developed before the Great Flood, one discovered by the Templars in the Holy Land during the Crusades. Still extant in Masonic/Templar ritual today, this knowledge enabled the Templar Order to establish accurate latitudinal and longitudinal positions long before the seventeenth century, when the foundations of this geographic science were laid. It also allowed the Templars to cross the Atlantic and reach the New World, where, led by Prince Henry Sinclair, they established both secret settlements to protect the descendants of the Merovingian dynasty and mining operations that gave them a limitless supply of precious metals and a military edge over their opponents. Pursued ever farther into the interior of the North American continent by their adversaries from the Old World, the Templars left artifacts, relics, and information at key sites in the hope that future initiates could use their understanding of the science of meridians and ley lines to locate these caches. As Mann demonstrates, the history of the search for these Templar treasures has been intimately intertwined with the history of the United States and Canada, from the time of the first European explorers, the American Revolution, and the design of Washington DC to the Lewis and Clark expedition. WILLIAM F. MANN, whose late great-uncle was Supreme Grand Master of the Knights Templar of Canada, is the author of The Knights Templar in the New World. He lives in Oakville, Ontario.

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Inner Traditions Bear and Company
384 pp.

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