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Iconic bookstores in Amsterdam and Haarlem

'Amsterdam’s best bookstore features thoughtfully stocked English, Dutch and French sections, covering everything from paperbacks to coffee-table books, along with an extensive selection of magazines and newspapers.'
Simon Schama in The Financial Times

You can find our bookstores in Amsterdam and Haarlem. We specialise in literature, non-fiction and academic books. Our best known store is Athenaeum Boekhandel & Nieuwscentrum, in the centre of Amsterdam, with a range of Dutch, English, French and German literature and non-fiction, ánd an internationally renowned selection of magazines. At het Martyrium (Van Baerlestraat, Amsterdam Zuid) you'll find literature, art, children's books and ramsh. Boekhandel Van Rossum (Beethoven Straat, Amsterdam Zuid) offers literature, history, children's books (in English as well Dutch) and Judaica. Athenaeum Boekhandel Rijksmuseum offers a carefully curated selection of art-books. Our newest bookstore, Athenaeum Boekhandel Zuidoost, caters to the tastes of this cosmopolitan part of Amsterdam. And Athenaeum Boekhandel Haarlem offers literature (Dutch and English), magazines, and books on the history and culture of the beautiful city of Haarlem.

Athenaeum Boekhandel Spui

Athenaeum Boekhandel Haarlem

Athenaeum Boekhandel Van Rossum

Athenaeum Boekhandel Rijksmuseum

Athenaeum Boekhandel Het Martyrium

Athenaeum Zuidoost

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