Leesfragment: Printed Pages #6

27 november 2015 , door Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum
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Printed Pages komt uit de gouden handjes van de makers van het destijds immens populaire kunstmagazine It’s Nice That. Printed Pages richt zich meer op design, illustratie & fotografie dan zijn voorganger, en is zeer geliefd bij lezers en bladenmakers. In de interviews die wij publiceren op het (Nieuwscentrumblog) is het eerder regel dan uitzondering dat tijdschriftenmakers Printed Pages noemen in hun rijtje van inspirerende tijdschriften. In zijn inleiding bij dit zomernummer filosofeert de hoofdredacteur over ‘a well-intentioned endeavour’. Vormgeving, zijn vak, moet serieus én licht zijn.

Printed Pages #6

Dat is echter geen excuus om er met de pet naar te gooien integendeel. In dit nummer de ongelooflijk mooie natuurillustraties van Ernst Haekel, Een interview met de ‘Michelangelo of custom decorative lettering’, Marian Bantjes, David Pearson met zijn Cover Stories over zijn werk voor Penguin Books. Plus: popfotografie, kinderillustratoren en of die wel bestaan en meer...

Printed Pages #6

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Jeremy Leslie (Magculture.com): Printed Pages, from It’s Nice That, just gets better and better. Launched last year after a period of reflection post–It’s Nice That magazine, it offers a unique voice about contemporary creative work that embellishes their online presence rather than competes with it.

Michael Bojkowski (Magpile.com): It’s Nice That re-engineered their existing title with a new format, new team, new cover price and spanky new name to become instantly 110% more accessible—matching thoroughly engaged editorial with a suitably flexible design aesthetic. A worthy match to the website, podcast and assorted activities It’s Nice That have become cherished for.

Roman Ruska (Magpile.com): We really like the extroverted, slightly ironic (or just plain funny) personality of it. It has an uplifting and inspiring character that is highly contagious. Especially for designers and illustrators. And the interns love the fair copy price!

Steve Watson (Stack Magazines): Printed Pages is one of those magazines that knows exactly why it’s in print. I think it comes in part from having a vast digital reach (via the It’s Nice That blog) so in a sense there’s no real *need* for them to be in print. That must focus the mind in editorial meetings and the result is a magazine that makes the most of its form with beautiful big images and an effortless pacing of stories from long, in-depth opinion to quicker, lighter Q&As, all suffused with a distinctly Printed Pages sense of fun.

Printed Pages #6

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