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L’Instant Parisien #2

25 december 2016, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

L’Instant Parisien was imagined as a concentration of Parisian life on paper. “Each issue presents a collection of moments, chronicles of Parisian lives, and stories of men and women who exhibit how Paris has transformed before our eyes.” Over 250 pages, printed on a nice matt paper with beautiful full-color photography, the magazine is a journal of Parisian life. An epitome of French romanticism, urban realism and modern gentrification.

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Peer: New independent magazine from Amsterdam

03 februari 2016, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Peer is a brand new magazine made in the Red Light District of Amsterdam that focusses on the synthesis of the image and word. Filled with theoretical essays, reflections of artist’s practices, short stories and the documentation on the processes of creating art and writing, Peer is a journal that aims to translate to paper that which moves an artist or a writer to create work. 

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South as a State of Mind #6: Documenta 14

27 januari 2016, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

South as a State of Mind has taken on a new role, a temporary one mind you, but one of importance nonetheless. After five issues of being 'just' South their sixth issue is their first as the host of Documenta 14. Slightly larger than A4, with over 250 pages and for a rather surprising ten euros, the latest issue creates a nice BOOM, and not just because of its bright yellow cover.

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Magazine video

26 juli 2015, Door: Marc Robbemond

Het Nieuwscentrum stapelt het nieuwste van het nieuwste. Dit zijn de magazines van het moment: Lucky PeachInventoryDas MagazinLaw IssuePineappleOh ComelyThe Heritage PostWallpaperIntelligent LifePlatform PlatvormSoigneurUppercaseCereal,MittTravel AlmanacI-DDustCutMilk DécorationRiposteMonocleFlow (vakantiebox),MacguffinFrankiePulp De LuxeSleekPrinted PagesKinfolk.

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Interview with Bas van Wieringen and Anna Zwartjes from Platform Platvorm

18 juni 2015, Door: Marc Robbemond
Every now and then a magazine pops up with a strong concept and you wonder why nobody made it before. The Amsterdam based magazine Platform Platvorm is such a magazine and they have just launched their first issue. Artists send in their work which is published uncensored in one spread. There are no adjustments by the editorial team. We had a few questions for editors Bas van Wieringen and Anna Zwartjes. 
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