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L’Instant Parisien #2

25 december 2016, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

L’Instant Parisien was imagined as a concentration of Parisian life on paper. “Each issue presents a collection of moments, chronicles of Parisian lives, and stories of men and women who exhibit how Paris has transformed before our eyes.” Over 250 pages, printed on a nice matt paper with beautiful full-color photography, the magazine is a journal of Parisian life. An epitome of French romanticism, urban realism and modern gentrification.

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A New Type of Imprint #7: Nordic Nostalgia

28 september 2016, Door:

A New Type of Imprint is an Oslo-based creative lifestyle magazine that features Norwegian and Nordic culture published quarterly in English. Their aim, or at least their publisher Anti’s aim, is to connect this Nordic platform with the rest of the world, and to introduce the designers, artists and other creative minds featured in every issue to the rest of the world. Their seventh issue, which is available on - and offline now, features 'conversations on creativity and the spectacle of sports'. It's filled with narratives of fiction, reality, essays and visual features, and as a beautiful design and arts magazine tackling sports might seem like a gamble - but it certainly is not. Not if Nicklas Haslestad, the designer of the colorful visual morsels featured in issue seven, has anything to say about it.

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Kinfolk: #20 The Travel Issue

24 juni 2016, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

The introduction of the issue says things like' things change within us when we travel'. Has Kinfolk itself changed during the 20-issues-journey? Or has the concept become too familiar to inspire or shock us? Now, Kinfolk was never made to shock; it's all too beautiful and harmonious for that. But inspire; yes, they do it again. Although the whole community-feeling -which was quite outspoken when Kinfolk started- seems to have bleakened a little bit, the conscious lifestyle they portrait is still vivid.

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Idea #373: Post Independent Magazines

27 april 2016, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Japanese design and typography magazine Idea publishes a special about 'post-independent' magazines. This new generation of magazines, the editorial says, is more focused, as opposed to the overwhelming content of the internet. A printed magazine might not be as practical as online content — it’s bulky and heavy and once the ink has been fixed on paper there's no way to update the text — yet 'this comprehensive approach to production — this folding-in of creative labor — is in itself a special claim.'

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Happy Heritage: Triple Threat Uwe and Stefanie

19 april 2016, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Sometimes, when well-known magazines that are in demand and that have been around for a while doing what they do – and doing it well – decide to do something different, fans can be disappointed. Sometimes, when a well-known magazine tailored around men and masculine culture goes female, fans can be disappointed. Sometimes, when a German magazine starts to publish in English, fans can be disappointed. Sometimes, when a well-known magazine tailored around men’s (and later women’s) fashion goes interior, fans can be disappointed. The Heritage Post has done all of the above. We are not disappointed, nor, we’re quite sure, are any other fans.

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