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Sabat Magazine #1

04 mei 2016, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Sabat. Witches. Black and white photography. Potions. Dancing naked women. #WitchesofInstagram. Really, it's almost too easy. Yet somehow, even for a complete non-Wicca atheist, reading Sabat: The Maiden Issue, can be spine-shivering fun. At her first attempt at breaking into the tough world of magazine publishing and putting being a witch on the map as cool, fashionable, and very much 'the new happening thing', Nordic Elisabeth Krohn has done a smashing job.

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Assistant #3: The Why, When, Where and How

09 maart 2016, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Spanish magazine Assistant, featured in the latest fashion edition of the Dutch Linda. Mode, is an indiemag for photographers, fashion designers, and creative minds. Its name harks back to the idea that behind every great name there’s the assistant. And that these assistants might just be the new generation of fashion designers to look out for. The magazine focusses on showcasing the world of the fashion industry from a backstage-perspective, meant for everyone willing to be, or interested in reading about, the Industry (with capital I). Its strength lies in the fact they manage to abolish its capital letter.

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Magazine video

26 juli 2015, Door: Marc Robbemond

Het Nieuwscentrum stapelt het nieuwste van het nieuwste. Dit zijn de magazines van het moment: Lucky PeachInventoryDas MagazinLaw IssuePineappleOh ComelyThe Heritage PostWallpaperIntelligent LifePlatform PlatvormSoigneurUppercaseCereal,MittTravel AlmanacI-DDustCutMilk DécorationRiposteMonocleFlow (vakantiebox),MacguffinFrankiePulp De LuxeSleekPrinted PagesKinfolk.

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Sustainable Fashion: New Approaches - event at Spui 25 April 2

27 maart 2015, Door: Marc Robbemond

On April 2nd we have an event at Spui 25 about the bookSustainable Fashion: New Approaches in cooperation withIdea Books. The program starts at 20:00, entry is free, please reserve a ticket.

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