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The Story of the Face by Paul Gorman review by Andy Beckett

16 november 2017, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

On 1 May 1980 a new magazine with a murky cover but a blaring red-blue logo appeared on London’s most up-to-date newsstand, in Great Marlborough Street, Soho. Contrary to the magazine conventions of the time, the Face had a title which did not tell you what it covered, almost no adverts, and was launched during a deep recession. Once distributed beyond Soho, the first issue sold 56,000 copies. The early 80s were a feverish time in Britain for new things, from youth cultures to design companies to political ideologies, and the Face – which tried to feature all of them in a fresh way, both glossy and gritty, while operating on a shoestring – remains one of the era’s most mythologised products. It never sold more than 130,000 copies, modest for a magazine distributed internationally, and it was published for 24 years – a good but not outstanding run. Yet it was consumed and is remembered with intensity. I was a Face reader from the mid-80s until near the end, and the feel of its best issues – forbiddingly stylish, but full of exciting information; insidery, but open to the world – was already loitering in my memory before I opened this elaborate history.

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Fathers #4: Warbonnets and Batman

03 maart 2017, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Fathers Quarterly is a Polish magazine that’s just released its fourth issue. Its timeless set-up, both formally and graphically, make it as much as a book as it is a quarterly magazine. Printed in two editions - in Polish or in English - it holds true to slow journalism in its purest form: with fatherhood as central key, it ventures into culture, travel and lifestyle.




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Our evening with Tristan Rodgers from MC1R Magazine

17 februari 2017, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

MC1R is the world's first magazine about redheads. Last week we had a great evening in the shop with editor-in-chief Tristan Rodgers who came all the way from Hamburg. We invited journalist and writer Rob Alderson from It's Nice That and We Transfer for the Q&A.

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Interview with Ben Smith from Shelf Heroes

12 januari 2017, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Independent movie magazines, there are not too many but there are a few good ones. Shelf Heroes is one of our favourites. Every issue is about one letter from the alphabet, issue E just came out and has articles on The Elephant Man, Eraserhead, Enter the Void and The Exorcist. The magazine is full of illustration and is clearly made by a movie addict.

We asked editor and creative director Ben Smith some questions about his fantastic magazine.

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L’Instant Parisien #2

25 december 2016, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

L’Instant Parisien was imagined as a concentration of Parisian life on paper. “Each issue presents a collection of moments, chronicles of Parisian lives, and stories of men and women who exhibit how Paris has transformed before our eyes.” Over 250 pages, printed on a nice matt paper with beautiful full-color photography, the magazine is a journal of Parisian life. An epitome of French romanticism, urban realism and modern gentrification.

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