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Q&A with the editors of Neptún

27 november 2017, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Neptún is an art magazine from Reykjavik, it mainly features Icelandic artists. Editors Kolbrún þóra Löve and Helga Kjerulf both lived in Amsterdam in recent years and frequently dropped by the shop for a chat and to drop off new issues. In their latest issue they feature a couple of Amsterdam-based artists. We enjoyed a short interview and discussed the latest issue of Neptún.

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The Story of the Face by Paul Gorman review by Andy Beckett

16 november 2017, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

On 1 May 1980 a new magazine with a murky cover but a blaring red-blue logo appeared on London’s most up-to-date newsstand, in Great Marlborough Street, Soho. Contrary to the magazine conventions of the time, the Face had a title which did not tell you what it covered, almost no adverts, and was launched during a deep recession. Once distributed beyond Soho, the first issue sold 56,000 copies. The early 80s were a feverish time in Britain for new things, from youth cultures to design companies to political ideologies, and the Face – which tried to feature all of them in a fresh way, both glossy and gritty, while operating on a shoestring – remains one of the era’s most mythologised products. It never sold more than 130,000 copies, modest for a magazine distributed internationally, and it was published for 24 years – a good but not outstanding run. Yet it was consumed and is remembered with intensity. I was a Face reader from the mid-80s until near the end, and the feel of its best issues – forbiddingly stylish, but full of exciting information; insidery, but open to the world – was already loitering in my memory before I opened this elaborate history.

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Fathers #4: Warbonnets and Batman

03 maart 2017, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Fathers Quarterly is a Polish magazine that’s just released its fourth issue. Its timeless set-up, both formally and graphically, make it as much as a book as it is a quarterly magazine. Printed in two editions - in Polish or in English - it holds true to slow journalism in its purest form: with fatherhood as central key, it ventures into culture, travel and lifestyle.




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Our evening with Tristan Rodgers from MC1R Magazine

17 februari 2017, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

MC1R is the world's first magazine about redheads. Last week we had a great evening in the shop with editor-in-chief Tristan Rodgers who came all the way from Hamburg. We invited journalist and writer Rob Alderson from It's Nice That and We Transfer for the Q&A.

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Interview with Ben Smith from Shelf Heroes

12 januari 2017, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

Independent movie magazines, there are not too many but there are a few good ones. Shelf Heroes is one of our favourites. Every issue is about one letter from the alphabet, issue E just came out and has articles on The Elephant Man, Eraserhead, Enter the Void and The Exorcist. The magazine is full of illustration and is clearly made by a movie addict.

We asked editor and creative director Ben Smith some questions about his fantastic magazine.

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