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Hello Mr.: Honesty Lasts Longest

31 oktober 2016, Door:

Hello Mr. is simply put an honest portrayal of men who date men: not flawless but realistic, not seductive but endearing, and in no way superficial but utterly insightful. Since 2013 this magazine has proven itself to be more than flash, glitter and nudity – it’s a magazine, a community, of honest men that openly share their interests, loves, hopes and fears with the rest of the world. Though stylish, funny, and alluring in just the right places, Hello Mr. is a bi-annual magazine with a strong individuality and authenticity.

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Singing Priests, Misunderstood Princes and Ballsy Homo's

28 maart 2016, Door: Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum

The Pitchfork Review has long been a force to be reckoned with online – ever since 1996 to be exact - but ever since they first published their quarterly paper magazine in 2014 they’ve been almost unstoppable. Refreshing in a semi-tired genre that’s awaiting some serious make-overs, The Pitchfork Review fills a void with their years of expertise, a fantastic design reminiscent of independents and a lot of TLC.

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Interview with Karol Radziszewski from DIK Fagazine

30 december 2014, Door: Marc Robbemond

DIK Fagazine is back. The magazine was founded in 2005 and describes itself as "the first and only artistic magazine from Central and Eastern Europe concentrated on homosexuality and masculinity". After 2012's BEFORE '89issue about homosexuality and gay life during communist times they now focus on the matter in Czechoslovakia. The previous issue was raw in content and design. Published in Polish and English, it gave a fascinating overview of how underground gay life must have been in that era in that history. We asked editor-in-chief Karol Radziszewski a few questions about his magazine and the new issue. 

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Interview with Hello Mr.

17 juni 2013, Door: Marc Robbemond

Hello Mr. is a new magazine for men who date men, it's made by Ryan Fitzgibbon. We had some questions for him.

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Interview with Paco y Manolo from Kink Magazine

07 november 2012, Door: Marc Robbemond

We have Kink in the shop since a couple of months, it's created by Paco y Manolo, two photographers from Barcelona. We asked them a couple of questions about their nice magazine.

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