Event report: our evening with Flaneur's Ricarda Messner (Nieuwscentrum)

20 mei 2015

Last Wednesday we had a very nice evening with Flaneur Magazine's founder and publisher Ricarda Messner in the shop. Das Magazin's Toine Donk interviewed her. We have recorded audio & pictures of the event!

N.B. Browse through Flaneur #4 on Athenaeum.nl, and read our review of #2.

This event was a collaboration with our friends at Expodium as part of their Unmaking the Netherlands year program. They have a section in the program on walking culture (Rething Walking Culture). In addition to the event in the shop they invited Ricarda to give a talk on flanery and walking in cities at the beautiful Werkspoorkathedraal in Utrecht last Friday, together with artist and walking expert Mariska Gewald. The video of this talk is online at the Unmaking the Netherlands website

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