Robert Macfarlane en Jonathan Bate op shortlist Samuel Johnson Prize

12 oktober 2015

De shortlist van de Samuel Johnson Prize is bekendgemaakt. Onder anderen Robert MacFarlane en Ted Hughes-biograaf Jonathan Bate zijn genomineerd voor de non-fictieprijs.

De Samuel Johnson Prize bekroond 'the best of non-fiction and is open to authors of all non-fiction books in the areas of current affairs, history, politics, science, sport, travel, biography, autobiography and the arts'. Eerder werden onder anderen Helen Macdonald (H is for Hawk, 2014), Frank Dikötter (Mao's Great Famine, 2011) en Anthony Beevor (Stalingrad, 1999) bekroond. 2 november wordt de winnaar bekendgemaakt.

Dit is de shortlist:

  • Jonathan Bate, Ted Hughes: The Unauthorised Life
  • Robert Macfarlane, Landmarks
  • Laurence Scott, The Four-Dimensional Human
  • Steve Silberman, Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and How to Think Smarter About People Who Think Differently
  • Emma Sky, The Unravelling: High Hopes and Missed Opportunities in Iraq
  • Samanth Subramanian, This Divided Island

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