Since its foundation Athenaeum Booksellers have been the preferred suppliers of the University of Amsterdam. We also provide the certified book lists for various faculties of Leiden University and  Utrecht University, and for the entire TU/e. And for your study association!

Use the drop-down list below to choose your institution, faculty, education, and year - and your book list will appear.

For members only: student associations members will receive their books with the indicated discount! (The student associations check your membership before supplying the books.) If you are a member already, check the box above the list. If you are not a member, add one of the membership options to your shopping cart - if you don't see any, the membership will be added to your cart automatically. 

The study associations' sales for academic year 2019-2020 have ended.
At the moment we are busy compiling the book lists for the upcoming academic year of 2020-2021, and ordering your books.
The book lists of the study associations of the TU/e will appear here July 17, those of the study associations of other universities August 7.

Curious about what our large independent cultural and academic quality bookseller can offer your program or association? Please contact our manager academic and public relations Merlijn Olnon.

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