Understanding the Populist Turn II

02 juni 2018
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June 2nd, 19h, at The Balie. An evening with inspiring European thinkers who, each in their own way, stood up against populism in Europe. They will take a close look at different populist movements. What should be our answers to populism to counter the populist tide? Ticket prices range from €10,- to €12,50.

If we speak about populism, we immediately think about the unexpected vote for Brexit, the victory of Trump, and the popularity of populist leaders such as Marine le Pen, Geert Wilders or Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. What we seem to forget is that populism takes many forms.

For too long populism has been dismissed, for example by the left-wing political elite, solely as a right-wing problem and its leaders as unknowledgeable racists and xenophobes. This way of thinking has created a divide inside the political landscape, an ‘us’ against ‘them.’ A way out of this polarised landscape is hard to imagine.

With German professor Jan-Werner Müller, a worldwide expert on populism, and Paul Scheffer (publicist and professor of European Studies) we define this misunderstanding of populism and analyse both left- and right-wing populism. What do they have in common? And do we have to react to it in a similar way?

With inspiring young European thinkers who, each in their own way, stood up against populism in Europe, we will take a first step in coming to concrete solutions. They will formulate their own lessons on populism and present their answers to counter the populist tide. What lessons can we learn for the future?

With the following contributors: Flavia Kleiner, founder of the anti-populist movement in Switserland; Márton Gulyás, a political and artistic activist who fights against the rule of Orbán; Ash Sarkar, journalist and editor of Novara Media, media for a different politics; and Claudia Schwalisz; author of The Populist Signal: Why Politics and Democracy Need to Change (2015)

Another interesting event that is also part of this programme series: Understanding the Populist Turn I: Populism, an East-West Divide?


Ticket prices range from €10,- to €12,50.

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