Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Mathematics in Industry

Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Mathematics in Industry HEILIO, M. [editor]

The Fifth European Conference on Industrial Mathematics (ECMI 90) took place at Lahti, Finland on June 6-9, 1990. The conference was organised by the Rolf Nevanlinna Institute together with the Lahti Research and Training Centre of the University of Helsinki. Like its predecessors the Lahti meeting was devoted to the exchange of experience, ideas and methods from various fields of industrial mathematics. The series of ECMI conferences have clearly established an important forum of interaction between the advancing front of technology and one of its crucial development resources, modern applications-oriented mathematics. The precise title of the conferences has been the subject of some discussion and it has been argued that there is no such area which can be labelled as "industrial mathematics." This is certainly true if one thinks only in terms of the range of ideas, theorems, methods and algorithms constituting mathematics all of which may be applied. However with another viewpoint industrial mathematics is not a collection of topics but refers to the interactive process in which mathematics, the science, meets the real world of applications. Ideally this interaction involves both good mathematics and technological advance. The computer revolution has created a new era in technology with the increased computational capability to simulate complex industrial processes, devices, and other technolog- making it possible ical systems. This simulation depends on mathematical modelling and analysis and these techniques, sometimes ingenious but often quite routine, have provided a powerful tool for industrial scientists and creative research management.

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