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Kernels for Growth - Sprinkle with Love

Kernels for Growth - Sprinkle with Love Journal for Self-Reflection and Poetry to Stir Your Soul LEGER, Nathalie M

"The journey has begun with one single step. Each new step forward brings you closer to your destination."

Kernels for Growth is a journal that invites you, the reader, to dive into a space of self-exploration. It is a love affair between journaling and poetry, a beautiful melding of introspective exercises and poignant poetry that will stir your soul. Each Kernel is an invitation to deepen the connection you have with YOURSELF. Through increased self-awareness, the adventure begins.
Throughout this interactive journal, you will not only have an opportunity to delve adventurously into your own heart for answers, but you will also get to appreciate Nathalie M. Léger's shared experiences through her poetic dance with words. This journal is meant to kindle your soul; it will leave you deeply moved and excited to discover your own Kernels for Growth on this precious journey we call Life.

Enjoy the ride because you are worth it!

About the Author:
Nathalie M. Léger's love for writing began as a teenager, as she realized how comforting it was to pour her heart out in the beloved pages of her diary. As each new decade and chapter of her life unfolded, this love only grew deeper and deeper. This passion was combined with her other interests, which included reading books on spirituality and self-improvement. She completed courses in psychology, relaxation therapy, and children's story writing to fulfill her enjoyment of learning.
As her contemplative explorations increased, in combination with her journaling and periods of creative writing, she was inspired to create and facilitate workshops on themes that enabled others to enjoy their own self-exploration. She started sharing her poems on "Hello Poetry" and has written more than 600 poems in the past three years. Her latest venture has been to weave her passion for self-reflection and poetry into the pages of her first published book, Kernels for Growth.

Levertijd: 4 tot 10 werkdagen.

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CCB Publishing
120 pp.

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